Athenry of the Fields

This lovely piece was written about the culture and heritage of the Fields of Athenry and it’s community by our own Martin T. Kelly.

The landscape is verdant and flat. Laying on a bed of limestone it is wrinkled only by the winding vestige of the last ice age – the Esker Riada. Lime-fed grass puts strong bone into hunting horses and steeple chasers. A hunting foray with the local foxhounds ‘The Blazers’ over unyielding and over winding stone walls will test the fortitude of the most intrepid rider. The more submissive peatlands to the East and North, rich in heather and birch, is the winter haven of the curlew, woodcock and snipe.

The town of Athenry is an open-air museum. Glimpse of a glorious yet troubled past – may be caught through the slit windows of the Norman Castle or re-echoes of sacred chant imagined in the nave and cloister of the roofless Dominican Priory. The fourteenth century town walls enclose all in a ribbon of stone. Many have come to watch and have remained to live, such is the welcoming ambiance of the place. This is a place for all seasons where life may be lived out at a leisurely pace and where ambitions, however off beat, may be realised.

M.T. Kelly

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